Les Saintes Maries de la Mer, Southern France
+ "The French Trench"
+ 1100 meters of ultra-flat water in the man-made channel
+ 37,88 knots over 500 meters
+ excellent fish soup
- the braking zone is only 100m
- even the fuel out of your truck will be stolen

Walvisbay, Namibia
+ very steady wind allowing for a smooth ride
+ very flat water along the natural speed run
+ works at any tide
+ impressive desert landscape
+ excellent steaks
o the angle is usually too square (100)
o the wind is often strong (25-30 knots), but not often really strong (40+ knots)
- air and water never become really warm

Secret Spot, Western USA
+ 6000 wind turbines cannot be wrong
+ the desert is always warm
+ can use powerplant output as wind meter (20 Megawatts mean good wind)
+ best winds in the evening, can go there after work
+ good friends
- far away from everywhere
- the good section is too small to go really fast on a needle

San Francisco Bay
+ surfing right from the city
+ somewhere in the bay there's wind everyday
+ "let's go to The North Tower"
- cold water
- the 8-knot current takes you for a free ride out through the gate
- ever tried waterstarting in front of a container ship?

The Sacramento Delta, California
+ windy & warm sweet water
+ looks & feels like surfing on the moon
- the tides can still ruin a good day
- far away

Hookipa, Maui
+ big waves
+ consistent winds, warm
+ beautiful island
- the rocks are razor-sharp
- overcrowded with the typical symptoms
- not exactly cheap

The Columbia Gorge, Oregon/Washington State
+ nuclear winds, absolutely fabulous
+ very predictable wind and wave patterns
+ slow standing waves form a stable 3D landscape
+ can see the rainbow in your spray
+ scenic landscape
- the barges going downriver have no brakes

Capetown, South Africa
+ great variety of surf and windsurf spots
+ consistently strong winds (Cape Doctor)
+ very beautiful & varied landscape
- crime

Sotavento, Fuerteventura, Spain
+ Full power trade winds with added local boost
+ warm and clean water, big beaches
+ the good days are really _good_
- swell and wind waves form criss-cross wave pattern

Pozo, Gran Canaria
+ Killer wind and waves
+ strong local scene
+ very professional
+ can go to Vargas or Los Ochos di Garza if beaten up by Pozo waves
- you'll break a lot of equipment

Brandon Bay, Ireland
+ large waves, laaarge waves
+ very friendly Irish people
+ steak at Spillane's
- depends on Atlantic depressions for wind

Lago di Garda, Italy
+ consistent, dependable winds
- lots of German tourists (haha)
- carabinieri charges you happy Euros if you don't have a life vest

Wissant, Belgium
+ good & varied beach
- rough onshore

Gwythian Beach, Cornwall, UK
+ surprisingly good & varied wave spot, inspiring
+ can go surfing if not enough wind for windsurfing
+ relatively warm by English standards
- car park break-ins

Farmoor Reservoir, Oxford, UK
+ acceptable for an inland location
+ spirited English surf knights that go out in ANY weather
- bad water quality, especially in the late summer

Achensee, Austria
+ occasionally, extreme "Föhn" winds
+ scenic
- strictly enforced speed limit on the roads that lead there

Walchensee, Bavaria
+ acceptable with a large race sail
+ very beautiful location
- not really strong winds

Sylt, Germany
+ can be pretty wild
- tough to go out between the rusty metal jetties
- island has turned into a fashion ghetto

Various lakes in Bavaria, particularly Lake Chiemsee
- no wind
- no wind
- if some wind _ever_, soon no wind _again_