(Guitar Man)
 Unix Cockpit V3

 Description:  A nifty X11/Unix-File manager with integrated shell and tree,
               very fast, powerful and configurable
 Note:         UC is NOT actively maintained anymore, use Linux instead
 Installation: Download source code, download XForms, compile
 License:      GPL/Open Source
 Processor:    486-class or better
 Screenshots:  all windows, browser, function keys, global options,
               icons, tree, window manager
 Source Code:  55.000 lines of C/C++
 Tested on:    AIX 4, FreeBSD 2, HP-UX 9/10, Irix, Linux 1/2, OpenBSD 2,
               OSF1, Reliant/Sinix 5, SunOS 4, Solaris 2
 Thanks to:    T.C. Zhao and Mark Overmars for XForms,
               Gennady Sorrokopud and Marc van Kempen for XFEdit
 Web home:     www.klagges.com/uc.html 

 Written by:   Henrik Klagges